Wall Primer

Wall Primers is undercoat to the paint.
It comes in 2 categories:

  • Acrylic base
  • Latex base

Primer gives very good bonding to the plaster and final paint.It works as waterproofing coat also.It fills all hairline cracks in plaster.It gives good coverage to the final paint.

Chemical for Wall Plastering
Manufacturers of Waterproofing Materials

About Weathertuff

Chitra Insultec Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to offer efficient solution for the protection of building surfaces, and allied construction & industrial solutions. Its brand WeatherTuff is synonym for quality, high functionality and protective covering.

Committed to environmental protection, product quality, safety and technology advancement, the company is a major Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Industrial Paint & Coating, Protective Exterior Paint, Construction Waterproofing Materials, Primer, Cement Plasticizer, Water Repellents, Paver Block Hardner etc.

Sealoxy Primer

Sealoxy Primer



Wall Primers Products

1. Sealoxy Primer:

It is acrylic base undercoat primer.Sealoxy Primer is an effective acrylic base undercoat for indoor as well as outdoor walls. It is a thin coat which is applied on a plastered wall. To reduce the overall painting cost, Sealoxy primer is the best undercoat.

2. Weathersol:

It is latex base undercoat gives waterproofing.It is Latex based Wall Primer. Applicable for all cementitious surface. It is an effective undercoat for indoor as well as outdoor walls.

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